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Become a Representative

If you have a strong industry network already in place, along with a proven history of driving sales on either the domestic or global market, then we would welcome an opportunity to discuss your becoming a Representative for Midwest Armor.

  1. Ability to drive new sales and develop strong relationships with brokers and dealers.
  2. Ability to learn and maintain a strong technical understanding of product specs.
  3. Understanding of competitor products.
  4. Minimum of 4 years industry experience.
  5. Proven sales record with other, industry-specific products.
Desireable Qualities
  1. Vision for new and innovative ways to reach markets and grow sales.
  2. Fluency in foreign language(s), particularly where foreign sales networks exist.

Although Midwest Representatives work independently, our existing cast of Representatives have been highly successful in generating sales and expanding the reach of Midwest Armor products, while generating substantial revenue for themselves. If you are interested, call 701.782.3000 or email with a description of your experience and goals.