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Midwest Armor is the premier manufacturer of ballistic and fragmentation blankets in the United States. We have a variety of options available for mounting, carrying, and storing them to meet your specific requirements. 

Give us a call! We can help with your project and provide a solution that works for you and - as the manufacturer - we can be highly competitive on cost.

Fragmentation blankets offer fragmentation protection in a wide variety of industrial situations. Pipe Wrap Frag Blankets are designed to be wrapped around piping or vessels that may create hazardous situations resulting in flying particles. 

Bomb and Ballistic blankets will also offer protection against blast and fragments as follows:

Level II - V50 @ 550m/s
Level III-A - V50 @ 600 m/s

Design and Construction

- Flame Retardant
- Made with 100% Aramid fiber
- Heavy duty PVC outer shell
- Secures with hook and loop, integrated retention straps, or both
- Custom sizes available to meet your project needs